Responsible Earth

Responsible use of the earth

The demands of modern society are placing more pressure on Mother Nature to supply. Overpopulation has led to extreme global health concerns such as environmental degradation, resource depletion, and pollution. With the earth’s population on an exponential incline, our dependency upon non-renewable resources will also increase. The urgency for sustainable solutions to the world’s energy crisis is what gave rise to Responsible Earth.

Today's general society fails to recognize the extent of its impacts on the earth, and are fairly unaware of their dependence on a healthy planet. Possible ramifications of a non-functioning environment are often overlooked, even unknown, in modern civilizations. RE is motivated by the imbalance between man and nature to provide services designed to restore the environment to a state able to support itself and humans.

There is no time like the present to begin restoring the earth
for future generations.


Responsible Earth delivers ecosystem improvement  and sustainability  throughout the entire  life cycle of our product and services. By focusing on Utah's Intermountain Region, we are committed to catalyzing a paradigm shift in the increasingly urban Salt Lake Valley from the idea of living off the earth to living with the earth.

RE is inspired by a dream beyond the advancement of man and industry. Our vision embraces a community of healthy ecosystems by allowing Mother Nature's environmental design to thrive through our modernized, responsible services. Through sustainable, innovative, stump-to-market practices, RE strives to forge an environment evenly balanced between the needs of man and nature, while restoring lands as nature would intend.

Our Mission is to take responsibility as stewards of the land
and restore struggling native forests.


May 2015

 New website up and running!