Responsible Earth

Full service capability

    Responsible Earth offers a complete line of restoration and management                     services and applicable utilities. We are a full service contracting firm bringing         a responsible and sensible approach to environmental restoration and                         maintenance throughout the Intermountain Region.

    RE offers a variety of ecosystem improvement services:
    Our restoration and clean-up operations are working to rewrite the industry                     standards. We promote the market for sustainable building materials, such as wood     products engineered from small diameter wood, in order to support the building             industry in a more responsible way.


Responsible Liaison

    Our focus is to bring the sensitivity of range management and forestry to an arena         where the business of biomass processing is met with similar commitment. We             aim to create an equally recognized motivation for economic and environmental             rewards; if they are considered equal, then all parties will prosper when ends are             met. We promote education and passion for conserving surrounding lands, as both         are necessary for effective stewardship.

 Safety is Number One

    Responsible Earth employs full-time safety coordinators trained in OSHA and DOT         regulations. Advanced First Aid and CPR certifications are mandatory for all safety         coordinating personnel onsite.

    RE is committed to building relationships within the community to instill local             pride for native ecosystem and passion for conservation. We are committed to         creating a forum that builds better outcomes using successful models proven by         other global agency practice. We offer an important line of professional support         services to both the community non-biomass industry through the following ways:

 Biomass Energy

    RE is constantly improving our management methods through collaboration in             order to employ the most cost effective and successful practices. Biomass                 energy has been a major focus of engineers and environmentalists around the            world as more people require more resources to survive. As non-renewable fuel         sources are used up, renewable energy becomes more and more attractive.                 Utilization of beetle-killed trees will increase with larger rates of die-off. Now is     the time to develop practices that can sustain our environment and existence.

RE is currently working on the development of a mobile, carbon neutral                     biomass processing unit. Our proof of concept is still under development, but             the results are promising. This revolutionary method will likely serve as a                     foundation for furthering biomass utilization opportunities.

    RE has wholesaler connections over a variety of biomass-derived product                 lines. Contact us to find out more.

 Educational Services

    The collaborative efforts to developing the most effective practices will be                 modeled through various presentations. RE representatives are often present             at local environmental group meetings and are committed to educating others         about new ecological findings and successful methods of management.

    RE understands the impact the next generation will have on the future, so we             are working to create partnerships with local school biology and engineering               programs. We hope to ignite a spark early on so students can start thinking                 about new, innovative ways to solve Earth's most pressing issues.

 Erosion Socks

    Common erosion socks, like those seen lining highways, are often filled with                 straw and provide little benefit to the ecosystem in the long run. RE is taking the     sock ideology and improving it so that it seamlessly integrates into the native            habitat while providing benefits for years to come. New materials, along with our     powerful cultivating process, will make the simple sock a much more effective tool     in agriculture, forestry, construction, and other commercial applications.

 Wood Shavings and Chips

    Shavings and wood chips have been a successful utilization of biomass for                     centuries. Over time, applications are beginning to see an evolution as                         technology develops and demand for in-woods processing increases. Future                 benefits will be both economic and regional when native products appear in                 local market places. These responsibly harvested products will not only dictate a         new market value, but will also benefit the US Forest Service, BLM, contractors,         and other associates through our Joint Venture Program.

    Inquire now for more information about RE's co-production joint venture                     model.

    We are developing the human capital and economic infrastructure
needed to support the stewards of our forests and create
healthy communities now and into the future.


    We offer training seminars            creating awareness and                 solutions for many of the             services to the left.

    The services provided are our     solutions to the expanding         issues threatening the Utah         mountains.

    Our services focus on                 conservation, restoration, and     sustainable maintenance while     avoiding adverse construction     impacts during and following         project completion.
    A review of application is             applied to all sites, urban             redevelopments, and                 brownfield redevelopments.
    We offer guidance for our             services to maximize their         effectiveness.

    Management is simple and             efficient with our mobile             equipment.