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    We are continually building partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and educations                  programs that promote ecosystem education and conservation.
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    "In the United States, the average American fails to comprehend just how large his carbon footprint         is and what it means for our future. Seemingly simple decisions made today will, over time, have             catastrophic effects on the health of our earth; yet, while we are realizing the error in our ways, the         movement to find more 'earth-friendly' alternatives to our comfortable way of life is slow and often             greeted with opposition.

    Responsible Earth is committed to improving the earth's health; consider us a sort of vaccination             against the sickness of pollution. We hope that by restoring our forests, we can ensure the ecosystem     services Americans are so unknowingly dependent upon continue to support their comfortable way         of life, even if they never realize it."

     Jordan Ulrich
     Director of Innovation